Rishi Tea Hasami Tumbler Mug

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During the Edo period Hasami, Nagasaki Prefecture in Japan was celebrated for its porcelain production, trading the prized pottery as far as Europe. It is with this spirited foundation that Hasami Porcelain takes its inspiration, but blended with a distinctively modern approach. Hasami Porcelain is designed to be clean, sturdy and multi-functional. Porcelain is fired at an extremely high heat making it nonporous and ideal for any style of tea. The Hasami Stoneware Mug is the perfect everyday vessel. With time the natural finish of this piece will develop a patina that is a lovely expression of the tea you use to fill the tumbler mug.

Porcelain and potter's clay blend

13.5 ounces

3.3/8" x 4.1/8"

Care Instructions:
Dishwasher and microwave safe.