Harsh Gear Weatherproof License Holder with Pin Included, Perfect for Hunting, Fishing, Archery Tags and Permits, Clear Window, Premium Quality Hand Stitched Synthetic Leather

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PREMIUM QUALITY: Our rugged license holder is made from durable water-resistant synthetic leather, ready for harsh hunting and fishing conditions. Soft to the touch and more comfortable to wear than the typical hard plastic feel of cheaper options. This license holder is made to last

WATER RESISTANT: Flap on back protects from water getting into the pouch and damaging your license or tag. Synthetic leather construction provides a very water-resistant exterior ready for the elements. The clear license window has a glossy finish to help rain wick away faster

HEAVY DUTY STITCHING: Every piece of our tag holder is carefully sewn together for the long-term durability hunters require. This eliminates the need for glue that can fail over time

NICKEL PLATED PIN INCLUDED: Ready to attach to your favorite vest or jacket. Wet conditions are not a worry with this rust resistant pin

PERFECT SIZE: Approx. 5”x 5” with a 4”x 3” clear viewing window. Made to fit most state hunting, fishing and archery tags or licenses inside the pocket with minimal effort or folding


The Harsh Gear Premium License Holder is the perfect addition to your hunting, fishing or archery accessories collection. Whether it is your next big hunting trip or just a quick afternoon fishing on the lake, you can properly display your license in this high quality holder. Use the included nickel plated pin to attach this permit holder to your favorite jacket or vest.

Carefully crafted with high quality and water resistant synthetic leather to offer the feel and durability one expects from a top-tier outdoor product. High quality stitching on all sides to eliminate any possibility of it coming apart over time, like can be seen with glued products. The soft and flexible nature of the vinyl we use allows the permit holder to conform to your gear easier, making it more comfortable to wear on long hunts.

Stop buying cheap throwaway license holders and get something that will last for years of great experiences. Designed with longevity in mind, our strong vinyl will not get brittle over time and crack like other materials commonly used for license and tag holders.

Stay legal while you hunt and fish – some states DNR require your license, tag, or permit to be displayed at all times. Some examples are NY, OH, PA, DE, MD, NJ and WI. Always check with your local jurisdiction for exact rules, in most cases our license holder will meet these fish and game requirements. Large clear window (approx. 4”x 3”) allows for your license or permit to be seen easily from a distance. Helping in some cases to avoid awkward encounters with DNR or Fish and Game Commission officers while you fumble for your license.

Our hunting and fishing license holders are made to look at home with your premium outerwear. Why spend all this money on expensive gear just to pin a cheap plastic accessory on the front? Harsh Gear caters to the hunter that wants to wear top tier quality from head to toe.