Nordic Ware 365 Grill N' Shake Basket

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Crafted with the all- American chef in mind, 365 is the only full line of indoor/outdoor grill cookware. Our 365 Cookware line is designed to inspire culinary creativity indoors and out, 365 days a year. Discover the versatility in our line of grilling essentials that perform as great as they look. Crafted with the all-American chef in mind, 365 is the only complete grillware line made in the USA. Each product features a 5-year warranty. Roasted vegetables are all the rage and here's the easiest possible way to make them. Wash and chop your favorite veggies, drizzle them with olive oil and seasoning, fill up the high-sided basket and grill them to perfection. Toss during cooking for evenly distributed flavor.